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Q: i noticed that many of the putters on your website are scotty cameron putters, are you affiliated with scotty cameron's custom shop?

A: No. We have no affiliation with any golf club brands. our business is to restore and customize almost any type of putter with a finish that no one else can offer.

Q: do you refinish drivers, woods, or irons?

A: In general no, but we do customize and refinish irons and wedges that are carbon steel. Please contact us.

Q: Are the putters on your website for sale?

A: yes and no. The pictures on this site represent a small amount of putters that we do. Some are customer's putters and some are putters that are for sale. Go to the ebay link on the homepage for current putters that are for sale.

Q: Do you take trades?

A: yes, we take ferrari, maserati, and Bentley, lol... we will consider any trade for services and/or putters available. Please contact us.

Q: Can you do polymer/ghost white finishes, etc?

A: No, Those are painted or applied coatings that simply do not last. our finishes are bare metal processes. Go visit your local golf shop and look at the used ghost putters. Polymer and applied coatings hide imperfections and require minimal basic preparation.

Q: Will my putter rust after i get it restored?

A: yes and no. All carbon steel putters will rust. after every round you have to wipe it down with a dry towel and use a silicone cloth. Stainless putters will not rust, but should have a similar care program.